I had a case that many lawyers refused to take. After talking to a few I came across Brett and he took my case, assured me we would do fine and prepared me by informing me of what to expect. I was very anxious and nervous but he put me at ease. When the case started rolling he stood beside me for every step. I got a great result because of his knowledge and his proficiency. Thank you Brett.

– Sholeh W.

I felt I’d lost the measure of the quality of life. It was a painful, hopeless time. Later, I found you and your legal talent set about turning the course of life’s events into my life today. Please know how grateful I am that you took my case and helped me be optimistic and hopeful again. Your office and all those associated with it come highly recommended by me. It will be a priority to forward your name to others who need a helping hand. It has been a pleasure knowing you were working on my behalf.

– Linda B.

Brett I’m glad the case is over but miss our interaction!!! You are the best lawyer around!!! You are truly a lawyer of/with integrity!

– Barbara L.

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Brett B. Herron is an experienced Washington personal injury lawyer with extensive arbitration and trial experience. He has been appointed by the court to serve as an arbitrator numerous times and is a proud member of the American Association for Jus…

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